How To Commission Me
Think about the style of window you want and its purpose; is it just a decorative feature or do you want to obscure an unattractive view? This will affect the choice of glass. Is your preference for a traditional design or something more contemporary or individual? Bring me your ideas and sources of inspiration and together we can come up with an idea for your window.

There are many factors that can affect the price of a stained glass window apart from its size, e.g. the type of glass used and the intricacy of the design. So hopefully I can design your window to fit your budget.

Once we have a good idea of the type and style of window that will suit your home, I will draw up a full-size colour design. This is often the most difficult part of a commission and can take many hours; it is important to get the design exactly right so that you will be delighted with the finished window. For this reason I take a deposit before I carry out any design work. Any adjustments to the design can easily be made once you have seen it on paper. I will give you a firm price for the work at this stage and also let you know an estimated completion date, depending on my workload. If you have a deadline it is worth bearing in mind that I may need several weeks or even a month or two for the process, including obtaining any special glass as well as the design and creation of your window.

I will let you know when I begin work on your window and you are very welcome to come and visit the studio to see work in progress.

There are a number of ways that a stained glass window can be installed. They can be fitted into a wooden window frame. If you have a plain glass window already in place then the stained glass panel can be fitted in front of that window (on the inside) which makes installation very easy. It is also possible to install stained glass windows in front of UPVC windows or within a double glazed unit.